Stacie Arguello: Storyboard & Character Concept Artist


I am a published artist and author of children's books and graphic novels. My educational background is Storyboarding for Animated film and Character Concept artist. I prefer to work in Children's Illustration because I enjoy story telling that will encourage children's self confidence. My passion is creating characters that kids can identify with in marginalized communities, such as People of Color, the LGBQ community and Transgender community. I am currently working on the graphic novel series "Sparks & Iron" and kid's book "Paolo, The Kolohe Tiki and the Spirit of the Mahu". I live on the west coast in the Bay Area. I am available for Telecommuting work only.

I hope you enjoy my Portfolio!

" That's what we story tellers do, we restore order with imagination, we instill hope again and again and again" - Walt Disney



Phone: 415-994-2270



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